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The Chilan Chinese language school provides distance courses to help you learn from scratch or fill in linguistic knowledge gaps, prepare you thoroughly for international exams, and develop your speaking or business skills.

Chilan employs only highly qualified Chinese and English teachers, each with a holistic academic background. 

Teachers are true professionals in the field of Chinese language studying and linguistics in general, and hold a Bachelors degree. Teachers have at least one year of teaching experience. Please note that students of HSK3 level and above can choose whether they want to study with a native Chinese speaker or an English speaking Russian teacher of Chinese. If the student's qualification is below HSK3, the lessons will be taught by an English speaking English teacher of Chinese.

Both adults and children will appreciate our online courses programme. We guarantee a tailor-made programme for all students; we also help to overcome the language barrier and systematise the knowledge acquired. Special attention is paid to cultural awareness in the lessons. For this purpose, special activities are organised and included in the curriculum.

What teaching methods does Chilan offer?

PPP (presentation, practice, production):

- New material is provided by using real and relevant topics. This makes understanding the basics of the Chinese language much easier, children and adults alike will learn quickly.

- Practical exercises are organized under the supervision of the teacher.

- New language skills can be applied to improve comprehension.

TPR (a method based on total physical response):
- This approach to the learning process is as interactive as possible. The Chinese language is mastered through visual and actual input, and learning has a similarity to going through the individual levels in a game.

The Chilan Chinese language school has a lot of experience in this area, and attracts with adequate prices for its services. Each teacher uses his or her own methods of teaching, you can choose the teacher by yourself.

If for any reason you're not happy with the teacher's approach, we suggest you continue your studies with another teacher. We value every client's time, please contact us!


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