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Nowadays, many people are interested in learning Chinese. It is not a hobby or a pastime, but rather an urgent necessity. The Celestial Empire is rapidly developing; most of the goods we use everyday are produced here. In order to study, live, work, do business and travel around China, it is very important to know the language. To communicate with friends and partners from China independently, with no use of interpreters’ services, you need to enrol in specialized courses at our online school Chilan.


  • Groups are formed individually. The staff at our online school take into account the age, education, interests and level of training of the clients who apply.
  • Children are taught separately from adults, courses are tailored individually and there are different age classes.
  • In a beginner's group, it will be easier to communicate with people of the same level of training. Students will find a common language and can learn Chinese outside of class.
  • Your teacher will find the most suitable programme and exercises for you, according to your abilities and skills. If necessary, students can revisit topics or go back to study specific material.
  • When lessons are taught in a group, they are easier and everyone is more motivated.
  • Pairs and small groups help students to memorize the material more effectively, and the listening and phonemic awareness processes are easier.
  • Classes are held in groups of up to 4 people.
  • Types of groups - beginners, conversation club, HSK preparation (conversation club takes place with a native speaker).
  • In groups, it is easier for students to remember their mistakes, as well as the mistakes of others, in order to avoid them in the future.
  • A person will be able to study in groups at any time - morning, afternoon or evening (depending on the set of groups). It is possible to choose advanced courses or classes for beginners.


The courses are suitable for the following people:

  1. Business people. China is a leading industrial country in the world. The country is a huge factory which sells goods in most countries. Many companies want to cooperate with Chinese manufacturers, so you have to know the language to communicate with businessmen and draw up contracts. A lot of people nowadays know English, but not enough Chinese. That is why translators are in high demand.
  2. Tourists. It is recommended to know Chinese if you want to travel across China. No other foreign language is spoken in China and English is of no help at all. In order to order food, buy a ticket, book a hotel room and sign up for a tour, it is better to know Chinese. This is the only way to save a lot of money and have a fun and rewarding holiday.
  3. Children. Chinese is a difficult language, so it's better to learn it at a younger age. When the child grows up, he will know the language to perfection. This will allow him or her to start earning money right away and find a vocation in life. In addition, science has proved that the study of Chinese characters engages child’s two brain hemispheres at the same time. When children learn the language, they simultaneously develop their logic, learn to analyze and think outside the box.

There are 6 levels to choose from, each with a different level of difficulty. Once a person passes level 4, he or she can apply to a university in China and have a high chance of admission.

Group classes are formed according to the programmes for the English-speaking population. From the first lesson you will learn not only the theoretical part but also the correct pronunciation. This is due to the fact that words written alike often sound completely different.

Our online school teachers have been trained not only in Russian universities, but also in Chinese schools. In group classes, we use the most effective methods and practices, and the cost of services is much lower than in other schools or tutors.



  • A full Mandarin Chinese lesson with a one-on-one teacher.

  • Selection of topic and teacher based on your level.

  • Discounts are available for courses of 8 or 16 lessons.


Affordability! We work with students from all over the world

Native speaking teachers for advanced levels

Modern teaching methods (using apps and modern books)

Lots of practice and minimum theory

Affordable prices! Less expensive than a tutor

Certified professional teachers


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