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I have been learning Chinese since I was 15, did language training at several Chinese universities, lived in China for a year and studied Chinese in Anshan in 辽宁科技大学. I am currently studying international economics and trade (国际经济与贸易) in Wuhan in 中国地质大学 .

I have an HSK 5 certificate.

Ekaterina participated in a Chinese writing contest among foreigners where she won a prize and also took part in a Chinese classics poetry reading contest (第三届中华经典诵写讲大赛) where she won second place with her team.

Ekaterina has also worked as a tour guide in her home town and as a receptionist in a hotel for international guests, where her job was to communicate with Chinese groups.

She is now studying at a Chinese university, and teaches classes online, both individually and in groups.

"My priority is to make sure that people who start learning Chinese really fall in love with the language, and I always tailor an individual programme so that everyone who comes to me ends up with what they need to successfully understand not only the language, but also the cultural background and mentality."

Liu Jia

Hi everyone, my name is Liu Jia. I am a native Chinese speaker.

I have been learning English for more than 5 years. Learning a foreign language with a native speaker is the right thing to do. As a Chinese, I like to help students learn more about Chinese culture and Chinese characters.

I have been teaching Chinese for more than a year. I have a lot of experience to tutor both children and adults. I would love for more people to be able to learn Chinese culture and get interested in my native language. I am very happy that I am lucky enough to become a Chinese teacher.

Let's learn together.


ВHello to everyone. My name is Andrey and I am a teacher of Chinese and a student at Shandong University of Science and Technology.

About my experience.
The first time I went to China for a language course was in 2018 and the same year I joined a Chinese university and lived in China for three years. All three years, in addition to my major, I took all the Chinese language courses for linguists, making a little extra money as an English teacher. I now teach Chinese at a foreign language school and give lectures about Chinese culture for the Moscow Longevity Programme.
About the teaching method.
Hieroglyphs are an important part of the Chinese language, but the first lessons we are going to learn how to pronounce sounds correctly, we will learn how to introduce ourselves in Chinese, and we will study the entry level characters at the same time. After the introductory lesson, we will gradually build up our vocabulary. The words will be divided into specific topics related to situations in life, which are presented in the textbooks. Read more about textbooks…

I didn't just learn Chinese as a second language, I lived and spoke with native speakers. I also talk in passing about the culture, how to study and even how to live there. I make sure to add important words for everyday life in China which are not written in textbooks.

Wang Zhaoxu

Hello everyone!

My name is Wang Zhaoxu. You can call me Maria. I'm a native Chinese speaker, born in northeastern China.

I've been learning English for 5 years now. I believe that learning a foreign language with a native speaker is the best choice. You can get much more authentic information this way than from textbooks.

I have been teaching Chinese for more than a year. I help my students not only improve their Chinese level, but also help them prepare for HSK exams of different levels.

I enjoy teaching Chinese to people! I am very happy that a lot of people learn my native language.

Let's learn together!


In this lesson, we master and hone our writing, grammar, listening and speaking skills, as well as learn about Chinese culture and history.

I use the textbook "Modern Chinese Language" by Wu Zhong Wei, and additionally I take exercises from the "New Chinese Language Practice Course" to reinforce the task.

Piao Yuqing

Hi all, my name is Piao Yuqing, you can call me Shenne :)

I am a native Chinese speaker, lived and grew up in China. I have been learning English for more than 6 years.

I have a lot of experience in teaching, also worked as a translator for a construction company, interpreter for an examiner and translated documents/manhwa/texts for a while.


I have been engaged with the Chinese language for a long time, it all started in 2012.
- I have a linguistic background (Chinese and English). I graduated from Moscow State Linguistic University.
- I have some experience in a public school, and online school as well.
- I was also trained in China in the city of Qiqihar as a major in Chinese language and literature. I have completed a master's degree in Shenyang, China, at Shenyang Normal University and graduated as a tourism manager :)

During that time, I took and got HSK4, HSK5, and HSK6. I also worked in Sanya, in a Chinese Traditional Medicine Hospital.

Also I did a yoga teacher course in China. At the same time I teach Yoga and know how to meditate and balance energies properly.

I am currently living in Zanzibar and learning Swahili.

At the beginning of our classes, we define the goal of learning Chinese, and go towards that goal at a pace that is comfortable for you. In the lessons we put the language into practice right away.
The main textbook that I use in my classes is HSK standard course. Additionally, I use interactive aids that I have compiled.


I started learning Chinese more than 7 years ago. I have been teaching for 2 years. I have a Bachelor's degree from 长江大学 majoring in international economic and trade, I took also language courses in 辽宁科技大学
I possess HSK-5 level.
In the first lesson, I determine the student's level of knowledge and draw conclusions about the best approach to the student. We try to start communicating in Chinese right away to get the best results.
The main textbook is Developing Chinese, for younger children it is kuaile hanyu. I often find interesting videos andmake up all the games myself.


At the beginning of our work, we define the purpose of learning Chinese in order to make the learning process comfortable for you. In the classes we put the language into practice right away.
The main teaching method is communication.
Main textbook: HSK standard course.
Additionally, I use such textbooks as Boya Chinese and 新目标汉语口语 (new target Chinese spoken language), and also apply exercises developed by me, various interactive games, video and audio.

Lesson topics:

  1. "hello, how are you?" Getting to know the basic finals and initials.
  2. "what's your name? Very nice to meet you."
  3. "I'm a student."
  4. "what country are you from?"
  5. "how many people are in your family?"
  6. "how old are you?"
  7. "I'm learning Chinese"
  8. "chinese food"
  9. "I'm learning to write hieroglyphics"
  10. "what day of the week is it today? What is today's date?"
  11. "I read books and magazines"
  12. "I'm hungry"
  13. "I go to the shop"
  14. "How much is it?"
  15. "What time is it?"
  16. "I'm working."

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